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Pulx Identikit

  • Nickname: Pulx
  • Habbo since April, 11 2007
  • +3000 diamonds
  • President, BaW & Fansite

Insigned: Like a time-machine… come back in your early days in Habbo. How did you know about Habbo?

My friend in school told me about the game he played and I’d never heard of it before, he said it’s a place we can hang out outside school online and I thought that’s pretty cool and that I’d check it out. I remember the first day I logged in and I bought some coins and built my first room, with mode bars and my first HC sofa. He sent me a f/r and visited my room, he opened the trade window and share with me a ‘red phone telephone box’ he told me to place this in my room, so I did and when I went through I was transported to his room. He had lot’s more cool furniture than me, I was amazed by his mocha machine and tubmaster! That was my first day on Habbo 🙂

Insigned: What were you doing at the time in the hotel?

In my early days of Habbo, I was obsessed with trading. I would collect HC sofas, entire storage rooms full of them and run shops to buy and trade furniture. Back then, of course, everything was valued with HCs and Thrones there were no in-game transferable coins, so the goal was to always transfer as much ‘crap’ furni into hcs and then hcs into thrones. I got pretty good at this, I eventually opened my own trading room and mafia (Mafias back then were what Agencies are today on .com)

Insigned: What was Habbo for you at the time?

Pulx Habbo

Habbo for me at the time was something I’ve never seen before, it was a social network before the social networks. Habbo in the early 2000s was the closest thing you could get to a reflection of real-life social activities online. I played a lot of Runescape at the time and before I joined Habbo, but as you may be aware Runescape is the type of game where you focus on goals, killing monsters, skilling up. Habbo was different, Habbos about making friends, trading, building awesome rooms and socialising all day every day. I got hooked, I loved the idea of making friends online that I could log in and speak to and I loved being able to chat to my friends and play games with them outside of school every day.

Insigned: What is Habbo for you, today?

Habbo for me today is a lot different, I’ve been on the hotel over 15 years and I’ve seen friends come and go, I’m what you would consider ‘ancient’ now compared to some players on the game. It’s been incredible to watch the journey Habbo has gone through over the years and the positive (and sometimes negative) transformation. Habbo for me today is a social world-building game, it’s a way to express myself creatively and there is such a positive community around that side of the game worldwide, it’s awesome to be able to contribute to the game that I have followed and loved for years, in the form of official events, bundles, public spaces. I now speak to Habbos all over the world, on all 9 hotels, we share our love for building, trading, or just having banter on Twitter the game has evolved alongside the internet in its presence as a social networking game.

Insigned: What do you expect from future-Habbo?

What do I expect from future Habbo? Well for me the single most important thing about Habbo2020 is that it’s being rebuilt from the ground up on Unity, this is important for everyone because this is giving the game a renewed lease of life that we know it desperately needs. Habbo2020 will be the foundation of Habbos entry into the next decade, a way to catch up with new trends in the gaming space, a way to re-market and build audience once again. I want Habbo to succeed, I want Habbo to grow again and most of all I want Habbo to appeal to a generation of teens that are very different from my generation in the early 2000s, Habbo has to capture the attention of these people to survive and some of the work they’ve carried out for 2020 seems to be a positive step towards that. For other Habbos, just know that 2020 means that development can be restarted on the game, it means that after the release of the foundation we can share ideas, feedback and suggestions that may actually be actioned on this time because the game is being actively developed and improved. Habbo has been stagnant and slow to develop for years, mainly because of flash and now things are changing, it’s the most exciting time to be apart of the community since I joined in 2005.

Insigned: You are a well-know Habbo all over the world. Are you like a Habbo-star? How do you feel it? XD

It’s really surreal to be thought of as ‘well known’ throughout the Habbo globe. I always find it strange when I log into another hotel and people know who I am or that people say they aspire to be like me, it’s humbling for sure and definitely something I would not have expected 15 years ago building my mode room!

Insigned: You’re a Builder too! When did you realise that skill?

I didn’t really realise the skill of building, I’ve just been building on Habbo for years. I had taken a 5-year break from Habbo from 2010 to 2015, upon my return my friend Nayth told me about a magic tile and he gifted me the item. I was playing around with it and my mind just expanded in the possibility of what this game could be, or had become at that time. I’d been building for years with roller stacking that was the most painful style of stacking you could imagine, and you could only really stack single tile items, it was very limited in terms of what you could build but that of course, brought with it mainly talented and ingenious creations from the early days of Habbo. One such builder, dungeon.keeper is someone I looked up to as a young Habbo on the hotel, he was the best builder on the English speaking hotel by far.

Insigned: What are the firsts steps than you take to make a new event/bundle or room?

First steps I take when building a new event, room or bundle – Well, all of them have different approaches for an event we’ll usually have a theme, and then if the room requires a game there are lots of factors to consider such as lag, room size, where the game will fit, all sort of things like this – I don’t really enjoy building game rooms because I don’t like these limitations, I like to build freely. For building a new room I will search google for inspirations concept art, real-world buildings, floor plans of real-world buildings. I will sometimes sketch out a rough plan on MS Paint to see how I think the room will look, but in all honestly as I’ve been building a long time the best way to build for me is to just start, and don’t be afraid to pick all and start again if something isn’t working, but also remember that a room is like a mould that can be shaped and worked into whatever you desire.

Pulx at work

Building a bundle is very different, so the way bundle builds work are the following: Habbo will email a specific theme, the room name and what they expect the room to be e.g. A Sultan Palace View… You’re on a balcony from a beautiful Indian palace gazing at incredible scenery… something along those lines. You’ll also be given a budget, either you’re building a 99c bundle or a 199c bundle, in some odd cases you’ll build much more expensive bundles but that is not usually the ‘norm’ so I will then start building, the thing people need to know about bundle building is that it’s very difficult to find a balance between a good looking room and being on a budget, all the prices for the items do not go by market value either, they are priced by catalogue value which means that some items in the bundle will add value but not actually sell very well on your local hotel, therefore making the bundle less desirable. I try to include items in my bundle that won’t just be sold for 1c, but that are useful to build with or that have a strong market presence, without flooding too many into the market. Bundle building is an art form in itself and it’s the most enjoyable type of building for me at this time, I love the challenge and the task to build something ‘great’ on budget.

Insigned: Now, it’s curiosity time! What is your favorite badge?

My favourite Badge is the old BaW badge it’s nostalgic and a medal of honour for the achievements you have made in building on Habbo, especially the BaW leader badge.

Insigned: How many credits and diamonds do you have right now?

It’s hard to tell I invest a lot of my credits in clothing, but in totality, I’m worth around 200,000 credits at this time (June 2020) – I have around 3,000 Diamonds. I support Habbo by buying credits once a month, in some cases, I’ll buy more than once a month if I’m giving them away on twitter or in a competition.

Insigned: What are the best Habbo memories do you still remember?

I have a lot of Habbo memories but I’ll list some of the highlights: 1. Purchasing my first throne for 25 club sofas 2. Winning my first Habbo competition in 2007 3. Habbo Celebrity visits, specifically Ozzie Osbourne during the Habbo Gothic Release 4. The release of credit furniture around the time of the Gothic Release and building a ‘Ye Olde Bank’ with gothic railings and gates. 5. Learning to make videos entirely through Habbo (Due to wanting to win video competitions!) that I later went onto study as an entire degree! (Film and Media prod) 6. Becoming BaW 7. Becoming Baw Leader 8. Opening my fansite 9. Meeting Frisison, Priorities and many great friends on Habbo 10. Building in Sandbox and contributing to Habbo 11. Becoming Habbo President

Insigned: Last question! Tell us a fun fact about being a Habbo President…

A fun fact about being Habbo President is having to clear 100’s of f/r requests a day because you’re always full! (Sorry guys)

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Habbo dal 2005 e fondatore di Habbo Nostalgia

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